Clearing Negative Energy

A fascinating area for discussion! I guess it is important to consider what we believe to be negative energy, in the first instance and how this is perceived as, to me from talking with different spiritual practitioners, it is wide ranging from being merely mischievous to somewhat more menacing. All in all, one of the key messages I have surmised out of different contexts and experiences is that negative energy can be dealt with whatever it may be, as light and love will always be stronger than the dark! This is not to be feared, however, as it is always possible to clear. If you are fearful when clearing energy, it is possible to feed it further and, of course, not achieve the desired outcome straight away, although it is not possible to have any energy attach to you immediately if you have a moment of feeling unsure, as this takes days and days of negative thought related to it, to allow this.

So, ways to clear negative energy vary and can be anything you choose from a particular source you have read…there is no right way to do this and one method is not better than another. If the negative energy is strong, it can be useful to work with another light worker to visualise the energy surrounded by love and light until it is dispersed, but clapping hands, ringing Tibetan bells, using white sage smudge sticks or other essential oil/plant based sticks or leaves will all clear negative energy as will calling upon Archangel Michael and your guardian angels to clear. The choice is yours! The power of setting the intention to clear the negative energy prior to any method used and the belief in it working is the key ingredient for me.

One of the key aspects of clearing I am interested in remembering to practice, on a regular basis, is my home, car or other areas where I may be spending time, completing readings, or where I have had visitors. I do like to clear my home on a regular basis as there may be negative energy lurking from an argument or from another person bringing this with them if in a negative mind set. So, not the fearful side of spiritual working at all but an every day, practical way to remain positive and energetic!


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