Cruelty Free Make-Up, PETA & Tom Hardy!

Tom Hardy.png

Cruelty-free make up is an area that I have spent some time reviewing, especially with the completion of the Certified Fairyologist (Doreen Virtue) course which raised awareness of my actions and the impact of these even further, on the environment and animals. Testing on animals is banned in the UK so you would be forgiven for initially thinking this makes shopping for products much easier, but supermarket brands are not just made in the UK and I have suspicions that UK manufacturers may even be getting around this law by producing abroad and importing. Still, there are brands taking this seriously and these are increasing in numbers which can only happen if we actively stop buying brands that are not cruelty free. I like buying some of my products from Lush but there are many other options available online too! There is sometimes a need for trial and error as not all products work for me the way I would like and my journey continues!

This led to joining PETA and helping stop the cruelty of animals in the testing of products. PETA also provides useful information for shopping in the UK and I have added a helpful link , as a starter for you, taken from PETA’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) website:

Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

PETA also have an email sign up, that I now receive, which means where there are cruel practices you can be sent an email sharing these, with pre-written letters given, to campaign against the cruelty, and all you have to do is sign your name and send it off! This work has helped stop cruelty with different companies and is continuing to raise awareness – all without even leaving your home! What’s not to like about helping animals in this way?

Not convinced yet? Well, maybe stars that have supported this amazing cause could prove more convincing such as Tom Hardy supporting a recent advert for stopping animal cruelty – here’s the link for that story! Tom Hardy voice over in PETA advert




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