Meditation for Life!

Meditation-is-Imperative_-Schools-Replacing-Meditation-With-Detention-is-the-Future-We-Want-to-See3.jpgWith the advent of mindfulness and meditation becoming so prolific what does this tell us about our lives and how we are living them?

For me, there is a need for all of us to slow down and allow ourselves to just ‘be’ without the need to ‘do’ which is where so much of our energy is used currently.

One of the reasons I believe this to be so is the way we currently educate our children and young people. As a educator, I have seen how education has transformed and the devastating results of this, as a consequence. One of these results is the need to ‘do’ so much and be labelled with external qualifications in order to ‘be’ someone! This is extremely unhealthy and causing much stress to children, parents, school communities and so on as the knock on is transformative, but not in a good way. As agencies continue to drive improvement through seeing the need to ‘know’ more to compete within made up league tables, this causes more stress which no one is daring to challenge.

All of this is made up by people that may not have the experiences or understanding required to ensure human beings are nurtured to be the best they can be with the skills they have been born with – which may not match the skills adults believe children ‘should’ have! Children and young people are pigeon holed into certain subjects with some being given more importance than others – again based on a collective belief that this is what is needed! Who says?

So, what is lacking? The ability to ‘be’, as this article began, with a need to focus much more on spirituality across all of aspects of life and especially in classrooms.

How to begin this? With meditation as a way to support us to ‘be’ and allow our thoughts to slow down in order to understand and be inspired from within … this is the essence of life and for finding our true life purpose…it will also, in the immediate future, reduce the vast amount of stress everyone is feeling in relation to only being ‘good enough’ in this life with a C, B or A grade next to their name, but otherwise, having failed at life before it has even begun!


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