Animals Have No Feelings!

I have read, with increasing confusion, the report that MPs have actually voted to determine whether animals have feelings…what???

Here is the article for anyone blessed enough not yet to have seen it, but are now curious..

Firstly, of course we all know animals have feelings – studies have shown this…Do these MPs have their own pets? I wonder whether there is even a correlation to their own pets and this debate.

How can we discern that domestic animals can feel pain and have feelings and then, pretend that other animals don’t? This does not even make sense! Or is it that there would be more of an outcry if domestic pets were not protected as we are a nation of animal lovers, but perhaps, not yet all so loving of those that are eaten? Surely, something you eat you would want to be the best quality it can be and not lived a life of trauma? Which , incidentally, does affect muscle tissue etc… as it makes the meat tougher.

Secondly, what are they wasting their time and energy talking about this for at all? So, the question, for me, as is often the case – what is in it for ‘them’ under the guise of ‘best for the country’?

This is a huge step backward in an increasing spiritually, enlightened humanity, in my opinion. Is it not enough that animals here and around the world are still being tortured or killed in inhumane ways?

Here is a petition created to support this indecent proposal! Please feel free to share far and wide! I believe in the power of standing together on a common thought as this is extremely powerful in effecting change, in a loving and peaceful way!




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