Reflexology…treat your self and your feet!

Hello everyone! I am very pleased and excited to share news that I am nearing the end of my Level 5 Clinical Reflexology course and am now able to work with you as I have shown my competence as a student, working at this level! Of course, whilst I am a student, treatments are half price, so just £20! Offer will expire at the end of August so get it while you can!

adult alternative medicine care comfort

Reflexology is an amazing, holistic treatment, complementing traditional healthcare and  is highly relaxing, enhancing overall wellbeing, as well as able to support many conditions or symptoms that include stress, Menopause, arthritis, neck and shoulder tension, headaches and much more! Treatments are suitable for all ages and I am DBS checked to work with children too (subject to parental consent and presence)!

I can offer holistic foot and hand treatments as well as a specific foot treatment to target stress.

Treatments times as follows (please allow an extra half hour for the first session as this includes consultation):

Holistic foot: 1 hour

Holistic hand: 45 minutes

Stress specific with feet: 45 minutes

What to expect: Time to talk about your needs then you will be reclined in a comfortable position, fully clothed, other than the removal of shoes and socks. Music or a guided visualisation can be played to aid your relaxation, with soft lighting, in a peaceful environment.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me or to book:

07789953292 or 01536 237905

@spiritbodyandmind on Facebook or use my contact form on the website.




Animals Have No Feelings!

I have read, with increasing confusion, the report that MPs have actually voted to determine whether animals have feelings…what???

Here is the article for anyone blessed enough not yet to have seen it, but are now curious..

Firstly, of course we all know animals have feelings – studies have shown this…Do these MPs have their own pets? I wonder whether there is even a correlation to their own pets and this debate.

How can we discern that domestic animals can feel pain and have feelings and then, pretend that other animals don’t? This does not even make sense! Or is it that there would be more of an outcry if domestic pets were not protected as we are a nation of animal lovers, but perhaps, not yet all so loving of those that are eaten? Surely, something you eat you would want to be the best quality it can be and not lived a life of trauma? Which , incidentally, does affect muscle tissue etc… as it makes the meat tougher.

Secondly, what are they wasting their time and energy talking about this for at all? So, the question, for me, as is often the case – what is in it for ‘them’ under the guise of ‘best for the country’?

This is a huge step backward in an increasing spiritually, enlightened humanity, in my opinion. Is it not enough that animals here and around the world are still being tortured or killed in inhumane ways?

Here is a petition created to support this indecent proposal! Please feel free to share far and wide! I believe in the power of standing together on a common thought as this is extremely powerful in effecting change, in a loving and peaceful way!



The Art of F*****g Patience


Recently, I had a conversation with a trusted friend, where I had been trying to work out why I have so much time to move house and what the reason could be, amongst other things that have happened – as there is a reason for everything, although I will admit I do not have a clue what some of them are at times! As we chatted about my circumstance and how things are for me she suggested it could be a lesson in patience that I am being given…hmmm…

Now this got me thinking and, talking with her again, about how I felt I had learnt a lot of patience in my varied experiences…so, what could it possible be that I still need to learn about being patience? Clearly, the response shows an element of patience was required even in the concept of needing more, although sometimes, I just feel that the more I think I have learnt and perhaps even ‘arrived at’ at a clear point of understanding, the more I seem to have learnt nothing about it at all! Ever feel that way? You would be forgiven, at this point, for thinking this is the lesson and perhaps, as I write this and reflect on my own words, this concept is more important than I had first considered!

So, as we discussed how patient I believe myself to be regarding those closest to me (even though there have been some moments that were less than patient), it became more obvious, perhaps to her more, than I wanted to admit in that moment to myself, that I needed more patience with myself.

Really? I live with me so that must be due a round of applause at least anyway?

As it goes, perhaps there was at least one kernel of truth in this. I have been planning what I would like to do next regarding work and have some plans but felt that I had nowhere to go with this until I move house (ah….leads me to a different point about living in the moment)…which was not for a while to be honest…I did take the opportunity, mostly graciously, to enjoy the time I had been blessed, to enjoy reading books as well as looking at some small courses, to develop my beliefs and practices further. As well as, all of the usual ‘setting up’ of a new business so I felt ‘justified’ in how I had spent my time. This was interesting to note, as showed I felt I needed to be able to explain to someone else what I do in order to feel time has been well spent. Since when was I not allowed to spend time resting and doing exactly what I wanted?

I also realised that some of our discussion (myself and trusted friend) directly related to the time I had spent reading and reviewing my life to date, which was clearly not wasted at all and in fact, was extremely relevant – even though it was not spent ‘doing’ things I had felt I should be doing!

One of the  learning points I seem to have recognised, at least in part, is the need to be myself. With some frustration (patience required here I note) over not being able to ‘do’ anything regards starting my business fully, due to moving to a different area, I realised (not the first time in the past few years) I was trying to ‘do’ more than ‘be’ and perhaps this is where the lesson in patience came in. Patience with myself, to allow myself the opportunity to really see who I am and want to be, rather than rush ahead and start ‘doing’ things that could easily define me. A subject linked very much to our current education system which I feel extremely strongly about as we are all defined by external factors of ‘doing’, as with grades achieved, etc… So, better knowing who I am first and my ‘truths’ before being defined by a role I ‘do’ methinks!

What did I do with this wonderful reflection? Good question. I felt much more in harmony with myself and found that I was happy to allow more ‘flow’ into my life (what does this mean?) and not feel such a great need to be ‘doing’ so much, as this will come when the time is right.

Also, as part of my reflection, I did realise I needed to be careful what I wished for – learnt the hard way recently – another topic, although this experience leads to the point of patience. When stating that I was ready for more challenge in my life – guess what I got? Challenge. In every direction too! So, I give gratitude for that opportunity to learn patience within those circumstances, as I now realise whilst writing this and, gratitude for the time I have now, in contrast to that experience, which has not gone completely unnoticed after all!

However, have I learnt all the patience there is left to learn? No. Why not? ( No groan this time!) As I felt this new sense of peace and realisation about myself, we then had some news regarding our house move which meant a further delay…did I take this in the peaceful state I had been working with myself on? Well…peaceful regarding others, yes – mostly, but peace within…not really – I had half a day of feeling upset about the change of plans, so had to remember the lesson again…patience! Was this about learning patience, or merely practicing the art of patience?

The image sums up for me, in this moment, what patience is about. Although, as I begin to reflect back on my life lessons and patience learnt within each of the different circumstances, I am certain it will mean different things!

Meditation for Life!

Meditation-is-Imperative_-Schools-Replacing-Meditation-With-Detention-is-the-Future-We-Want-to-See3.jpgWith the advent of mindfulness and meditation becoming so prolific what does this tell us about our lives and how we are living them?

For me, there is a need for all of us to slow down and allow ourselves to just ‘be’ without the need to ‘do’ which is where so much of our energy is used currently.

One of the reasons I believe this to be so is the way we currently educate our children and young people. As a educator, I have seen how education has transformed and the devastating results of this, as a consequence. One of these results is the need to ‘do’ so much and be labelled with external qualifications in order to ‘be’ someone! This is extremely unhealthy and causing much stress to children, parents, school communities and so on as the knock on is transformative, but not in a good way. As agencies continue to drive improvement through seeing the need to ‘know’ more to compete within made up league tables, this causes more stress which no one is daring to challenge.

All of this is made up by people that may not have the experiences or understanding required to ensure human beings are nurtured to be the best they can be with the skills they have been born with – which may not match the skills adults believe children ‘should’ have! Children and young people are pigeon holed into certain subjects with some being given more importance than others – again based on a collective belief that this is what is needed! Who says?

So, what is lacking? The ability to ‘be’, as this article began, with a need to focus much more on spirituality across all of aspects of life and especially in classrooms.

How to begin this? With meditation as a way to support us to ‘be’ and allow our thoughts to slow down in order to understand and be inspired from within … this is the essence of life and for finding our true life purpose…it will also, in the immediate future, reduce the vast amount of stress everyone is feeling in relation to only being ‘good enough’ in this life with a C, B or A grade next to their name, but otherwise, having failed at life before it has even begun!

Fairy Inspired Poem – #worldpoetryday

The Fairy Promise

Fairies promise to guard our fair Earth,

And support our animals for all it is worth.

They look for friends to support this good cause,

Without human help there is not enough force.

They ask for little but only your love,

And your actions to show you will protect the Earth.

Fairies are tricksy but in a playful way,

They promise to teach us lessons, if our focus does stray.

They love animals and Mother Nature, with all of their heart,

And will cherish these forever, whatever our part.

Fairies promise to try and gain our support,

For all eternity, until we are taught,

The value of life, including this Earth,

As it is too wonderful to lose all it’s worth!


Cruelty Free Make-Up, PETA & Tom Hardy!

Tom Hardy.png

Cruelty-free make up is an area that I have spent some time reviewing, especially with the completion of the Certified Fairyologist (Doreen Virtue) course which raised awareness of my actions and the impact of these even further, on the environment and animals. Testing on animals is banned in the UK so you would be forgiven for initially thinking this makes shopping for products much easier, but supermarket brands are not just made in the UK and I have suspicions that UK manufacturers may even be getting around this law by producing abroad and importing. Still, there are brands taking this seriously and these are increasing in numbers which can only happen if we actively stop buying brands that are not cruelty free. I like buying some of my products from Lush but there are many other options available online too! There is sometimes a need for trial and error as not all products work for me the way I would like and my journey continues!

This led to joining PETA and helping stop the cruelty of animals in the testing of products. PETA also provides useful information for shopping in the UK and I have added a helpful link , as a starter for you, taken from PETA’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) website:

Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

PETA also have an email sign up, that I now receive, which means where there are cruel practices you can be sent an email sharing these, with pre-written letters given, to campaign against the cruelty, and all you have to do is sign your name and send it off! This work has helped stop cruelty with different companies and is continuing to raise awareness – all without even leaving your home! What’s not to like about helping animals in this way?

Not convinced yet? Well, maybe stars that have supported this amazing cause could prove more convincing such as Tom Hardy supporting a recent advert for stopping animal cruelty – here’s the link for that story! Tom Hardy voice over in PETA advert