Intention Setting

Something I have been seeing come up in different contexts a lot recently, is intention setting. As with any activity I wish to undertake, being clear as to the intended outcome or effect is important and I have been reminded of this within any spiritual practice over the last few weeks. This has included card readings which is where I have practiced setting an intention on a regular basis as this requires connection to the Divine or spirit guides and for me, ensuring accurate messages are given to those requesting the reading. The most recent example that I hadn’t fully considered to this extent is with white sage smudging where setting the intention to clear any negative energies is a positive aspect of this practice. So, for me, setting an intention before doing anything is really the key message to take from all of these independent experiences! What are your favourite intentions?


Something I had Forgotten!


It is interesting that the phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’ is so true and yet still so easily forgotten…this for me, seems to be when we are in the midst of something that we have attached an emotional response to, and therefore, have forgotten the bigger picture or our own words of wisdom…

Example: Arranging to see someone that puts you off a couple of times after being available…what if that was actually ‘meant to be’ due to the difficulty of the situation and not being subjected to negativity that would hurt me if I had put myself in that situation? Didn’t see this straight away as felt upset about the rejection but…with a reminder from another person using wise words…it suddenly made sense that this could be a protective mechanism which is there to help rather than cause more problems. I do tend to remember this when driving and get slowed down by traffic – perhaps delays are for good reasons and being a bit more patient pays off? Do you have any experiences like this?

Soap Nuts!


I just wanted to share these with you, if you haven’t yet heard of them as they are a beautiful example of a natural resource available to all of us which is completely harmless to the environment and to us! Soap nuts are naturally grown on the Soap Nut Tree (it really exists!) and the shells of these nuts are the product used in creating the alternative soap liquids or detergents as they contain Saponins which create suds when the soap nuts come into contact with water. The nuts can feel a bit sticky to the touch when dry which was a good, first indicator for me that they really were going to have some soapiness within them.

I googled different ways to use them and found that I enjoy placing about 10 – 12 in a saucepan with a bottle full of water (I use washed out eco soap bottles and squash bottles) and then allow it to simmer for about 30 minutes. This draws the Saponins out of the soap nut shells and also turns the water a brown colour. If you decide to take a good sniff, the smell is not too unpleasant but does not transfer on to washed clothes, so be assured of that. I like to add some lavender essential oil to my soap liquid as this provides a lovely smell to the finished wash, but my clothes have smelt fresh and clean without this addition.

You can also pop these nut shells into a sock or bag (mine came with a bag to use) and place them directly into the wash. As well as realising how amazing these little natural nuts were for cleaning clothes, the best part is their value for money as you can re-use your soap nuts at least three times and really, use until no more suds are available from them, and then they can be used on the garden as compost!

I found them easy to buy on eBay but there are many more ideas and places to purchase them from! What’s not to like?

The Egg

Here is my first philosophical writing as I began to connect to the world of spirit and contemplate life differently…

The egg exists to nourish.

It starts as a germ which unfolds to reveal a glimmering, golden sunrise.

The egg manifests itself as a jewel full of life and energy.

The egg spends time revelling on the ground and eagerly awaits the emergence of life. The egg stands for allowing people to use it and to indulge themselves.

The egg is a golden ray of sunshine.

Welcome to my blog!

Hi and welcome to my blog where I hope you will find some topics of interest around all things spiritual, bodily or mind related. I have had an interest for many years now in spiritual related activities and have enjoyed communicating with my spirit guides and creating philosophical writing as a result of this, as well as re-connecting with the fairies more recently! I practice Reiki and love reading and contemplating ways to bring about more peace and love as I believe we all have a lot to gain from realising there are better ways to live, without the need for fear. I have a lot to say – often in my own head – so thought it would be more fun to write it down and share opinions with others…looking forward to meeting with you and sharing ideas, thoughts, experiences and opinions!